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Everything you need to know before embarking on your own personal past life journey of discovery.

Written by the Chairman of the Past Life Therapists Association having drawn from his own personal experiences as a recognised authority in this field, The Many Faces of You is considered to be the definitive guide to Past Life Regression. Every aspect of this captivating subject is covered in depth with many case studies and explanations to convey the wonderful diversity of experiences available for those who wish to explore their past.

Past Life regression is the ultimate form of personal time travel enabling you to remember who you were in your previous lifetimes. Exploration and discovery are the most popular features of this fascinating technique but it goes far beyond just finding out what lives you have led. This discipline provides a powerful therapeutic benefit by uncovering emotionally-charged past life events which can affect your present lifetime. You can also visit the spiritual world between past lives and your future lives too.

Along with a full and detailed explanation of this fascinating subject there are step-by-step guides for you to experience your previous lives for yourself.

Recommended Reading

A selection of interesting books about Past Life Regression

The Many Faces of You

Revealed with Past Life Regression

by Andrew Hillsdon

Finding The Light: How To Achieve Inner Peace  By Forgiving Past And Present Life Traumas  By Liz Vincent The Journey of a Lifetimes! [Kindle Edition] By Wendy Sartain My Truth: The Far-Memory of Christopher Marlowe   by Brenda Harwood My Ever Best Friend  by Charles Cane To see some reviews and comments about this book, please CLICK HERE

I invite you to read what has literally taken me a lifetime to complete and, without the help of two people, my narrative   would have remained a jumble of disjointed notes and, more importantly, the purpose for my birth may never have been achieved. To the fore is the enduring love of my wife Sandra which never faltered throughout many years of living with my parallel life. I am very conscious that my scant array of words, despite a legion of good intent, does little to stress the fact that I could not have progressed without her love and support. Fragmented sights and events from my parallel or previous life began at an early age.

They were vividly real and I resisted several attempts to dismiss them as illusions; in fact they steadfastly refused to be ignored and effectively aroused, within me, a keen sense of curiosity albeit tainted with deep trepidation of the unknown. What was all this about and why was it happening to me? I could not escape from it yet who, other than my wife, would ever believe that my claims were genuine? For decades I lived within this impasse until I discovered the services of Andrew Hillsdon DHP, DPLT, DSCT, MNCH and FPLTA of the Past Life Therapists Association, who helped me to find the door to an age when my story began. Within its threshold I became the immediate beneficiary of detailed yet breathtaking revelations that enabled me to complete the narrative I set before you. Additionally I was given insight into my real identity, and what my quest was all about. I am grateful to Andrew Hillsdon and I firmly recommend his talents to anyone who has shared, or desires to resolve, experiences that are similar to my own. Readers will note that from time to time I refer to Andrew Hillsdon, in my narrative, under the title of ‘my mentor.’

Charles Cane

I Live Again by Brenda Harwood

My story begins on Tuesday the thirteenth of June 1978 that was the day my life changed forever. If you have read my first book My Truth you will understand what I am talking about, but for those who have not, then I shall explain. My husband Neville and I had both decided to watch the New Granada series starring Tim Curry and Ian McShane. We had both seen Tim in the Rocky Horror Show so when we read that he was playing in a costume drama; we thought it would be interesting to watch him in a different role as William Shakespeare. So we had our tea and sat down together to watch the programme. Well we were both enjoying it until the second half when it came to the murder of a man called Christopher Marlowe who I never knew existed until that night. At the time of his murder, I suddenly turned to Neville and said: “I didn’t die, I didn’t die like that”, those words I could not stop from coming out and I kept repeating those words over and over.

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